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Engineering firm on evacuated Fort Saskatchewan condo lost licence in 2005  CBC.caAn engineering firm that worked on the recently-evacuated Riverview Estates complex in Fort Saskatchewan had its permit revoked in late 2004, one year after ... Rea
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How Venezuela's oil output plummeted  Aljazeera.comIn the last year, output has fallen faster than Iraq's after the US's 2003 invasion. Read more
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Mackinac Bridge painting project earns engineering award  UpperMichigansSource.comMACKINAC BRIDGE, Mich. (WLUC) - Industrial painting requires some pretty advanced equipment, from removal and collection to providing working conditions ... Read m
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Record Oil and Gas Production in North Dakota  The National Law ReviewThe June 2019 Director's Cut was released last week by Director Lynn Helms,Oil and Gas Division North Dakota Industrial Commission NDIC Department of ... Read more https://www.
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Uber faces another sexual harassment lawsuit from female engineer  The Mercury NewsA former Uber software engineer is suing the company, saying it fired her after she reported sexual harassment and discrimination. In a lawsuit filed this week in
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Traders spot opportunity as LNG price dips to record low  LivemintProcurement for the colder season is only expected to intensify over what's left of the summer.The rout can be traced back to last winter, when mild weather ... Read more https://w
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More federal oil refinery waivers impacts jobs at North Iowa's POET facility  Mason City Globe GazetteNew EPA waivers could reduce biofuel and ethanol production and, here in North Iowa, the general manager for POET Biorefining in Hanlontown says
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Engineers build first responder-exclusive search engine for use during emergencies  EMS1.comThe tool will be able to give first responders real-time text and visuals from social media, as well as from surveillance cameras and sensors. Read more
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Lasers enable engineers to weld ceramics, no furnace required  EurekAlertSmartphones that don't scratch or shatter. Metal-free pacemakers. Electronics for space and other harsh environments. These could all be made possible thanks ... Read more
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Biomaterials smarten up with CRISPR  EurekAlerta research team at Harvard's Wyss Institute for Biologically Inspired Engineering and the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) demonstrates the use of ... Read more
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