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Aljazeera.comTurkey raises oil threat after Iraqi Kurds referendumAljazeera.comTurkey has threatened potentially crippling restrictions on oil trading with Iraqi Kurds after they backed independence from Baghdad in a referendum that has alarmed Ankara as i
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BloombergCiti: An Oil Supply Squeeze Is InevitableOilPrice.comThat's in stark contrast with the general mood, which is a constant worry that the moment OPEC announces the end of its deal, its members will turn the taps back on and start pumping that oi
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Oil Firms Do Not See A Lasting Impact From HarveyOilPrice.comMost executives at oil and gas firms don't expect Hurricane Harvey to continue to affect their business six months from now, the Q3 Dallas Fed Energy survey showed. When asked to what extent
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ForbesFrom Boom to Bust to . . . Stability? The Future of Oil PricesForbesOil prices rose throughout the 2000s before collapsing recently and shaking economies and governments across the globe. Indeed, as one of the foundations of the world's economy a
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Oil Prices Haven't Plateaued YetOilPrice.comThen, these self-proclaimed soothsayers became doomsayers, and started predicting oil prices would decline to $40 a barrel (or below). When Hurricanes Harvey and Irma hit, these self-same founts of wisdom dec
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MarketWatchOil finishes lower, but retains grip on monthly, quarterly gains ...MarketWatchOil finish lower Thursday, pulling back after a climb in previous session, but prices keep a tight grip on their gain for the month as traders ready for the last trad
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ReutersAramco Optimizes Oil Trading Operations Ahead Of IPOOilPrice.comSaudi Aramco will enter crude oil trading as part of valuation-boosting efforts ahead of its planned IPO in 2018, unnamed sources close to the company told Reuters. Aramco Trading Compa
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